Moi c’est toi, 2022Mixed media on canvas70x100 cm Toi c’est moi, 2022Mixed media on canvas70x100 cm Queen of tomorrow, 2021Oil on canvas100x80 cm The fallen magic, 2021Oil on canvas50x70 cm Aysa, 2021Oil on canvas75x90 cm The adolescent girlfriend, 2021Oil on canvas40x30 cm I’d like to share a night of incredible sex with you, 2021Oil on canvas70x80 cm Mirage a.k.a les culs, 2021Oil and acrylic on canvas100x130 cm Edie, 2021Oil on canvas40x50 cm Scarlett, 2020Oil on canvas80x100 cm Fumée sans feu, 2020Oil on canvas30x30 cm Blues, 2019Oil on canvas70x90 cm Shoes_serie_untitled, 2019Oil on wood of panel30x30 cm Shoes_serie_untitled 2, 2019Oil on wood panel25x25 cm Sarrians, 2019 Oil on canvas25x25 cm Phi and Lili, 2018Oil, spray and acrylic on canvas80x130 cm Envie, 2018Oil on canvas100x100 cm Selfie, 2017Oil on canvas40x50 cm Angeline, 2017Oil on canvas80x130 cm Sold Out, 2017oil, acrylic and spray on canvas100x160 cm


SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2019 100 under 100, Studio Baustelle, Berlin, De Die lange Nacht des Bilder, Paintings, Open Studio ID, Berlin, De 2018 50 under 50, Paintings, Studio Baustelle, Berlin, De Die lange Nacht des Bilder, Paintings, Open Studio ID, Berlin, De The-Mobile-Post-Card-Show, Drawings, Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, De Hystériques, Installation, Unframed Festival, New Yorck im Bethanien, Berlin, De Chaires fraîches, Drawings, Berlin Global Village, e.V, Berlin, De 2016 Girls just want to have fun and My loneliness is killing me, Drawings, UF, Agora rollberg, Berlin, De The bloody dogs, Installation, x A&C, UF, Agora rollberg, Berlin, De 2012 He is watching you, Installation, x Vagina Vidua, Gallery schwarzekatze\weisserkater, Berlin, De SOLO EXHIBITION 2013 Following the Mayas, Photographies, Maison pour tous Voltaire, Montpellier, Fr